Dreamtattoo Kalıcı Dövme (Tattoo) & Piercing Kadıköy İstanbul


A few myths to dispel: getting tattooed is not as painful as many suspect, although it may be uncomfortable, depending on its placement on the body Some parts of the body may be naturally more sensitive than others (i.e. any 'bony' area, compared to any 'fleshy' area) Having said that, there is no body part 'better' than any other for a tattoo Ultimately it depends on both individual taste and the extent to which you are willing to be public with your tattoo, although reputable tat-tooists will Tefuse to do hands or faces Irrational fear is the worst pam-tngger of all Reaction to pain varies enormously from one individual to the next Hence, you must be aware of your own pain threshold and be adequately prepared If you know you aTe prone to fainting at the sight of needles or blood you may want to take some precautions since tattooing includes both of these However, this does NOT mean taking drugs of any sort, including alcohol, since by altering your perception these will make the experience even worse, rather than helping you to relax. Instead, aim to be in a good mood. Devote some time to preparing yourself and your body for this unique experience. Acknowledge pain as a new sensation to feel, rather than something to fear and avoid. Pain comes in waves. Try to 'surf’ them. The more accept ing you are of pain, the more you will be able to embrace it, become pne with it and feel elation rather than distress. Tattooing is very much a collaborative process between you and your tattooist. He or she knows which parts of the body are bound to be more uncomfortable and will have the expertise to put you at ease. Listen carefully to his or her advice on the matter and trust it.


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