Dreamtattoo Kalıcı Dövme (Tattoo) & Piercing Kadıköy İstanbul


Salt water is the least reactive and most effedive cleaning solution (1/4 teaspoon of salt to one cup of dean water). Also good aTe seawater and your own urine. Urine is a sterile cleaning agent as the uric add it contains kills bacteria without hindering the formation of new cells. Essential oil of lavender is a natural antibiotic and a few drops may be added to a salt water solution. All immune system boosters (vitamin C, echinacea, ginseng and garlic) will speed healing. During the healing period your piercing is the most vulnerable part of your body, so it will be affected by a low immune, system; physical and / emotional stress, hormone changes and PMS, etc. The better you treat your body by eating Well, sleeping enoughand avoiding stress, drugs and alcohol, the faster your piercing will heal. A zinc supplement at the beginning will also help. Vitamin E at the end of the healing period helps prevent excess scarring.


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