Dreamtattoo Kalıcı Dövme (Tattoo) & Piercing Kadıköy İstanbul


Always follow your tattpoist's recommendations. Generally a new tattoo should be bandaged for at least one hour and for no longer than eight hours. Do not Tebandage it. Wash it gently in warm running water and mild soap after removing the bandage. Do not scrub. Do not use a washcloth. Make sure you get all blood, products and ointments off the tattoo. Pat dry with a dean towel, or better, whenever possible, allow it to air dry. Apply a small amount of unscented dye-free quality moisturizer, enough to prevent your tattoo from drying out. Gently rub it in, at least twice a day until the tattoo has healed (approximately nine to fourteen days) Do not pick ot scratch any scabs Do not swim (in either salt or chlorinated water), sunbathe or soak the tattooed area. Do keep it clean and free from dust, paint, cement and oil (including sun oil) Most importantly: do not scratch! Your tattoo will itch as it heals, but you must allow the scabs to flake off in their own time. Wear loose clothing that allows your tattoo to breathe, but does not rub against it. If you suspect the tattoo is becoming infected, inform the tattooist and consult a doctor. The healing process depends on your own care and responsibility. Be kind to yourself and always follow your tattooist's instructions.

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