Dreamtattoo Kalıcı Dövme (Tattoo) & Piercing Kadıköy İstanbul


Always wash youT hands before touching the piercing. Remove any dressing after one to two hours and do not reapply, unless you are in a very dirty/dusty environment. Clean your piercing two to four times daily with a mild, undyed, unfragranced, non-creamy soap. Gently remove, all dry matter (lymph fluid and dead skin cells) from the jewelry before moving it, or it will scratch and Teopen your piercing. Whenever possible aiT dry. Avoid any contact with foreign bodily fluid to the area (sweat, blood, saliva, etc.). Try not to catch your piercing accidentally. Do not wear anything that rubs against it. Be careful ifusing a swimming pool during healing as bacteria and poor quality water may cause infection. Be aware that common skincare products may contain irritant components. Do not remove the jewelry until well after the piercing is completely healed. Once healed, a piercing is permanent. Removal of jewelry will-cause the hole to shrink, and jewelry re-insertion will need a gentle stretching beforehand. Failure -to clean your piercing may lead to infection.


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